Serving the John Radcliffe Hospital, Northway, Marston and Oxford City Centre/Rail Station, Redbridge park&ride and Abingdon.

IMPORTANT: From Sunday 13th May 2018, the cityX3/X13/13 timetable and route were temporarily revised due to the severe congestion expected during the Headley Way roadworks. From Sunday 2nd September 2018, we’ve been able to bring the cityX13 back on Sundays only. Click here for details.

cityX3/X13/13 timetable - Valid from 2nd September 2018 (PDF, 407KB)

cityX3/X13/13 timetable - Valid from 2nd September 2018 (PNG, 1.3MB)

X3/X13/13 Print Ready Timetable - Valid from 2nd September 2018 (PDF 58KB)

Interactive timetables will become available once the Headley Way roadworks are completed.

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Real time travel information for our services is available via the Oxfordshire County Council Oxontime website.

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