• Service Changes from 1st September 2019

    From Sunday 1st September 2019, changes will be made to your city4, city3B, city6, city35 and cityX3/X13/13/X23 services. We’ll also be introducing a city250 service.


Your city4 timetable will be revised to improve the route’s reliability. The route will also operate via Roosevelt Drive.

city4 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 198KB)


Unfortunately, city3B services will be withdrawn.


Your city6 will have a revised timetable to improve its reliability. In addition, all city6 outbound journeys (towards Wolvercote) will operate via Wolvercote Roundabout to avoid the Mere Road conflict.

city6 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 168KB)


Your city35 will have a revised timetable, with the peak timings after noon adjusted to improve reliability. The city35A/B peak journeys before noon will depart Kennington 5 minutes earlier to improve running time.

city35 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 628KB)


Your cityX3/X13/13 services will revert to the pre-May 2018 service pattern, restoring the Oxford Rail Station links to the JR Hospital and Abingdon, and the through service from Abingdon to the hospital. The cityX13 journeys that operate via the Oxford Brookes University will now also become your cityX23. 

cityX3/X13/13/X23 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 532KB)


The Thames Travel service 250 will become your Oxford Bus Company city250 service. There will be no changes to the timetable, but you will now see Oxford Bus Company branded vehicles on the route.

Inside the Oxford Ring Road, only the following stops will be served:

  • Oxford City Centre Magdalen Street C4 (towards Bicester)
  • Oxford City Centre Magdalen Street East (arrival in Oxford)
  • Keble Road
  • St Margaret’s Road
  • Lathbury Road
  • Thorncliffe Road (towards Oxford only)
  • Summertown Shops
  • South Parade (towards Bicester only)
  • Squitchey Lane

Outside the Ring Road, all stops will continue to be served.

These limited stopping arrangements are designed to give passengers faster journeys to and from the Oxford City Centre.

city250 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 41KB)